Erectile Dysfunction Medication Side Effects

Taking medication for erectile dysfunction is very tempting because everyone wants to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, regardless of their age. It’s not hard to understand how these pills are so popular. However, as you look closely at the side effects these medications may bring with them, you may want to be cautious.… Continue reading

Info to Help the ED Partner

Erectile dysfunction can cause problems between partners both in the bedroom and out. Discussing what happens under the sheets can be a hard thing to discuss. When there are complications such as erectile dysfunction, there are some things you can do to help your partner overcome the obstacle, though. Communicate Openly Talking about erectile dysfunction… Continue reading

Men and What They Should Know About ED

ED, or erectile dysfunction, is simply the inability to get an erection that is hard enough for sexual activities. This is a very common problem, especially with men that are older, and is linked to many different causes. Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable topic for many men. Because of this, most men… Continue reading