Taking medication for erectile dysfunction is very tempting because everyone wants to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, regardless of their age. It’s not hard to understand how these pills are so popular. However, as you look closely at the side effects these medications may bring with them, you may want to be cautious. Before taking any kind of medication for erectile dysfunction, it is best to take a close look at the side effects that may come with it.

Even though most patients will not have any side effects that are serious from ED medicine, it is important to still know all the risks you may be putting yourself into by using this type of treatment.

Side Effects

As with any type of medication, the side effects of erectile dysfunction medication can vary based on different factors such as how frequently use them in the dosage you use. Some of the more common side effects from this type of medication are:

  • low blood pressure
  • prolonged or painful erections lasting more than four hours
  • blurred vision
  • vomiting, diarrhea, or other  abdominal symptoms
  • headache
  • swelling of feet or hands
  • shortness of breath
  • problems with memory
  • irregular heartbeat
  • flu-like symptoms, such as a sore throat and sneezing

If you are taking medication for erectile dysfunction, you should also be aware that they can have many negative drug interactions. The medications below are the most common that ED medicines are affected by:

  • seizure medication
  • some types of HIV/AIDS medications
  • medications used for heart conditions
  • prostrate or blood pressure medication
  • barbiturates
  • antidepressants
  • antifungals and antibiotics

Are There Other Ways to Treat ED?

As noted above, not everyone on medication for erectile dysfunction is affected by the side effects. The question is, can a man completely avoid these risks altogether?

The answer is yes! Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT, is a noninvasive treatment for ED that is all-natural and does not require using medication or drugs. Studies show that LLLT aids men with erectile dysfunction through helping with vasorelaxation, what causes erections. Erectile function can be significantly increased by applying this therapy to the vascular bend.

This is good news for men everywhere, whether you are a Pressure Washer St. Petersburg or a lawyer, LLLT can help you get your confidence back in the bedroom.






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