Erectile dysfunction can cause problems between partners both in the bedroom and out. Discussing what happens under the sheets can be a hard thing to discuss. When there are complications such as erectile dysfunction, there are some things you can do to help your partner overcome the obstacle, though.

Communicate Openly

Talking about erectile dysfunction with your partner can be very difficult. When a man cannot perform in bed, they may become overwhelmed with fears of not pleasing their partner. Though it is a hard discussion, it is important to discuss it anyway. It is best if you both understand the reasons why he can’t perform in bed. If you have a hard time bringing up the conversation from the standpoint of emotions, bring up the medical perspective instead. Spend some time educating yourself on erectile dysfunctions signs and symptoms. Encourage him to talk with his doctor about his issues with erectile dysfunction.

Discuss Other Ways to Enjoy Time in Bed

Even when there are issues with performance, you still need to be intimate. Your needs can still be met by simply spending time together, enjoying your hobbies together, and cuddling. When sex is taken off the table, your man may feel less pressure to perform. You could potentially reignite the passion in the bedroom by switching things up too. The idea is to continue having fun with your partner while experimenting and not making any demands.

Just because there are performance issues, it does not diminish your need for intimacy. Cuddling, enjoying hobbies together, spending time together are all ways to meet your needs. Taking sex off the table may reduce the pressure he feels to perform. Alternatively, switching things up in the bedroom may reignite passion and lead to arousal. The key is to have fun with your partner, experiment, and not make demands.

Other Steps to Take

As your man’s partner, he will need your emotional support, so go with him to the doctor. That way, you will be there if he needs you and you may be able to help give his doctor new insights.

Of course, one of the biggest things you can do is encourage him. Have him discuss his feelings and needs with you. Most men tend to avoid doctors, so when he does go, encourage him. You may find that your relationship becomes stronger as you go through this experience together.

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