As you age, many things change. Some of the changes are good, but others are less enjoyable. Sex typically falls into that category. As we get older, sex can become more complicated and frustrating. One of the biggest obstacles for aging men is erectile dysfunction, or ED. Men over the age of 75 have over 75% chance of dealing with ED.

Why the Changes?

As you age, a few particular hormones decline. Testosterone is one of those. Low libido is directly connected with low testosterone levels. Other problems, such as thyroid gland disorders, tend to develop as aging occurs, increasing the risk of developing ED.

Circulatory issues are also more likely as you age, presenting problems for erections. With blood circulation issues, proper vitamins and nutrients are also less circulated. These are important for a healthy erection as well.

Medications can also negatively affect a man’s libido in testosterone levels. Whether you are taking diabetes medications or antidepressants, your doctor may be able to suggest alternatives that offset the side effects.

Changes During Sex

Aging can have a big effect on your performance in bed. You will likely begin experiencing shorter and less satisfying orgasms. You may also notice a weak ejaculation and low seminal fluid. Older men are also more likely to take longer to achieve another erection after ejaculating.

Older men often report needing a lot more stimulation before participating in sexual activities. If they are already dealing with a drop in libido and their confidence, it could affect their desire negatively. Some men will also begin with a strong erection but lose it during the course of sexual activity.

Many changes happen as a man ages. It is important to acknowledge each of these changes and learn to deal with them. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, talk with your doctor. You may simply need to make some changes in your diet or adjust a prescription. Hopefully, your doctor can help you overcome erectile dysfunction so you can enjoy your time under the sheets.


Men and What They Should Know About ED

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